Birth Doula Services

It is my commitment to provide professional and nurturing care during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. You will be walked through your options prenatally and given the tools to help your family feel prepared for labor at your home, the hospital or birthing center. On your baby's big day you will be surrounded with compassionate care, skilled guidance, and the warmest intentions. With unwavering support your mind can be at ease knowing committed and reliable back up is available. I am proud and honored to be on call and available for you and your family from the moment you book my services.


Package and Process

  • Complimentary consultation to interview and get to know me, to feel genuine about the fit!

  • Two in-home birth prenatal meetings to prepare and discuss for the momentous occasion.

  • Education on the options available to you for prenatal care, labor, birth and immediate postpartum.

  • Assitance creating a birth plan to open dialouge with your OB-GYN or Midwife

  • Hands on prenatal education of comfort measures and positions to prep prenatally

  • Phone & Email support for questions and/or resources during pregnancy

  • Access to lending library of books, baby carriers and gear

  • 24/7 on-call availability starting from the moment you reserve services

  • Continuous educational, physical and emotional support througout active labor and birth

  • Techniques for relaxation and comfort as needed

  • Encouragement and team support with mother's partner

  • Immediate postpartum nursing guidance

  • One in-home post birth meeting to discuss your birth experience and assistance with babywearing, breastfeeding, pumping and any other referrals.

The investment ($1000) for this once in a life time experience is well worth the comfort during such a time of empowerment yet vulnerability. I will work hard for you and your partner to facilitate a loving environment that beams with love and gratitude for all that has been, and all that has yet to come.